Over the last week or so, a lot of scenic work has been completed on the new HO scale Illinook switching and industrial module. Here are some photos of progress so far…

Above: Scenery between the tracks

On the old Illinook modules, there was an embankment with a brick retaining wall and some abandoned buildings on top of the embankmant. For a while I wasnt sure what to do with those buildings but I didnt want to leave them off the new Illinook either as they were signature features of the old Illinook. Then I realised that I could fit them between the tracks on the east end of the module, and so thats where they were placed.

Above: Abandoned buildings on new Illinook

On the old Illinook modules, the Jaxxs Snaxxs platform ended at the backscene on the east end of the module, but the two spurs that the platform is placed between meant that the platform was not up against the backscene on the new Illinook, so a building had to be made to fill the gap.

Above: Jaxxs Snaxxs warehouse low relief building.

Overall, progress has been good, but there is now a bit of a timetable to get as much done in the next few weeks as possible before we move!


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