My somewhat eclectic model railroad HO / OO scale motive power roster with motive power representing North and South America, Europe, and Australia.

Current Motive Power

This is the current motive power roster, a varied roster of powered DCC equipped, DC only, or dummy locos. The locos are listed as allocated to a particular layout, or as foreign road power. All locomotives are fitted with a factory installed DCC decoder unless otherwise indicated, and have Kadee or other similar knuckle couplers unless otherwise indicated.

ITC (Ruston) Ruston and Hornsby 48DS

This loco is a Hornby DCC Ready model, without a decoder installed. The plan is to leave it as DC only, although I might install a DCC decoder at some point in the future. It is used almost exclusively on my Ruston Light Railway “both ends of the line” micro layout. This is currently the smallest locomotive on the roster, and will probably not lose that title until it is no longer on the roster at all. It is fitted with standard Hornby tension lock couplers.

ITC (Pier 39) GE44 Tone Switcher #3

This loco is a Bachmann DCC On-Board model, with no road name, and currently no number indicated on it. As it is in a generic industrial / switching color scheme I have no plans to change the basic colors. For more info on the GE 44 Tonner, try or

ITC (Petra) Plymouth ML-8 Switcher #59

This loco is a Walthers model, painted yellow, with a white BN logo on the cab. It is 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel pickup, and is DCC ready but not DCC equipped. Currently it has no number indicated on it, but as it is the motive power for the Petra Pizza which has a decoder wired directly into the layout for train control, it is operated using DCC channel 59.

ITC GE70 Switcher #58

This loco is an ex-Bethlehem Steel Bachmann model. The plan is to remove the Bethlehem Steel name and add my own railroads lettering. The number will remain the same. It is a similar yellow to the GE 44, so I will leave it the same color. See for more info on the GE 70 Ton switcher.

ITC (RFFSA) EMD G22 Road Switcher #1628

The prototype EMD G22 loco is a 4 or 6 axle road switcher, used in a number of places outside the United States. This HO scale model is a 8 wheel DC only model and I have no plans to convert it to DCC. I purchased this to provide motive power for my Brazilian Micro switching / switchback layout. It is 8 wheel drive and 8 wheel electrical pickup and is fitted with European / Lima style couplers. This model is manufactured by Frateschi. See for more information on the prototype of this model.

ITC (Tropical Pizza Railway) NSWGR X200 Rail Tractor #210

This is a DCC ready IDR Models locomotive without DCC decoder fitted which is used on the Tropical Pizza Micro Layout. It is 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel pickup. It is currently the second smallest locomotive on the roster. See for more information on the prototype.

Other Road Power

MPAC EMD NW2 Switcher #1424

A Midland Pacific / Southern Pacific EMD NW2. This is a Broadway Limited Sound Equipped model. It is 8 wheel drive and 8 wheel pickup. This was the first sound equipped loco purchased by me.

Pennsylvania / Conrail Alco S2 Switcher #8432

This is a Bachmann Sound Equipped model. It is 8 wheel drive, 8 wheel pickup. Represents an un-repainted Conrail switcher unit based in the Chicago area.

B&O Alco S2 Switcher #9129

This is a Bachmann Sound Equipped model. It is 8 wheel drive, 8 wheel pickup. It represents the B&OCT Barr Yard switcher that often transfers and switches cars between Barr Yard and the Box Street industrial area.

BN/Frisco EMD SW1500 Switcher #319

Manufactured by Athearn. This loco will probably stay in Frisco colors. As the BN took over the Frisco in 1980, it represents a BN loco that somehow has somehow managed to keep it’s Frisco color scheme, but with some weathering added. This loco has a back-EMF capable decoder, and runs very smoothly even at extremely slow speeds. See for more info on the SW1500 loco type.

Chessie EMD GP40 Road Switcher #4137

A Chessie System EMD GP40. This is a Bachmann model. It is 8 wheel drive and 8 wheel pickup. Since this photo was taken, the loco has been weathered considerably. See for more info on the GP40 loco type.

Canadian Pacific EMD GP35 Road Switcher #8210

A Bachmann loco, in an older CP color scheme. The color scheme of this loco was still in use in the 1970s and 80s, so I felt it was still a good representation of the era I model. See for more information on the GP35 loco type.

IHB EMD GP40 Road Switcher #3802

An ex-Santa Fe EMD GP40, painted in the pre-1985 scheme of the Indiana Harbor Belt. Although the IHB never had any GP40s, it did have some GP40-2s, and some GP38-2s, so in my plausible universe a GP40 could have been purchase by the IHB at some point. In any case, a GP40 and a GP40-2 are not very different cosmetically! This is a Bachmann model. It is 8 wheel drive and 8 wheel pickup.

Western Maryland EMD GP35 Road Switcher #3576

This loco is a Bachmann loco, and represents the Chessie system. I have seen photos of the Chessie System paint scheme and Western Maryland schemes in the same train, so having this loco as representing the Chessie is prototypical. See for more info on the GP35 loco type.

MWSL EMD FT-As #23 and #28

2 x MWSL FT-A locos. One is ex-Georgia Northern #14, the other is ex-EL #6014. These are both Bachmann models. They are 8 wheel drive and 8 wheel pickup. These locos have been weathered so that they look really old, and I suspect they would have looked somewhat run down like this in the 1970s / 1980s. In my alternate history, these two locos were purchased by the MWSL in the mid to late 60s, and at some point between their purchase and 1975 they have been re-motored with more up to date engines and other components, bringing their power rating up to 1500hp each. See for more information on the FT loco type.