When the HO scale Dolton Industry Park switching module, representing a fictional industrial park east of Dolton Junction served by a branch of the IHB main in Chicago, IL, was first built the American Electric building did not have a freight platform. Originally the idea was that the industry in the building had a history of being served by rail but currently was not served by rail, and so a freight platform wasnt needed. But at some point in the life of the module I decided to make the industry rail-served, and so the lack of platform became a problem. It always looked a little strange to have the door on the side of the building so far from the track where the box car would be, with the freight items (crates, reels, etc) on the flat bit of land between the building and the track, as shown below…

It just didn’t look right for a rail-served industry. Over the last week or so I did something about it and built a new freight platform out of coffee stirrers and thin ply to fit precisely in the space between the building and the track. So now it looks like this…

Aaah! Thats so much better!


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