Progress on my HO scale ‘two micro layouts in one’ small model railway layout so it is operational with basic scenery.

Since my last blog post, I’ve made some major progress with the HO scale 2-micros-in-1 layout, with all the track now laid, electrics done to a level which allows operation of the layout, major scenery formations completed, and initial rock faces added. It now looks like this.

There is still plenty of scenery to add, the plan being to sculpt and paint the rock faces already in place so they look more realistic, and to add plenty of ground cover, trees, ‘water’ to the river, a waterfall, structures, and ballast the track. The front spur on the top level will serve a stone quarry, but as the quarry itself won’t be featured on the layout itself I have to figure out a way to suggest a quarry. I might write more about that in a later post.

The layout is now wired and connected to my DCC system. As the top track level will have motive power that is non-DCC, I have added an DCC decoder between the DCC system, and that top level track so I can still use the DCC system with DC motive power on that level. The lower level is wired for DCC equipped locomotives only.

I’ve had a few operating sessions on the layout now and the bottom 3-2-2 inglenook shunting puzzle track arrangement and the top inglenook-like track arrangement makes it fun to operate, with plenty of operating variety. Having the two levels of track helps extend the operating session time.


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