Scenery progresses nicely on my HO scale 2-in-1 “Petra” and “The Nook” double inglenook switching layout.

Following a month of fairly consistent albeit slow progress on the scenery of this layout, the layout was ready to be put in place in our living space. Most of the track has been ballasted, most of the bridges have been built, ground cover has been added to a large portion of the layout, the stone conveyor has been completed and placed on the layout.

I’ve also added lighting above the layout so that it isn’t to dark to see the Petra upper level. The layout is now in place in our living space.

Above: Layout in place under my Brazilian switchback layout.

At Petra, the loco on an arriving train is ‘captive’ and can’t be moved to the front of the outbound train, and as the locos used on that level are DC (not DCC) I had to figure out a way to move the loco to the front of the outbound train. To facilitate this I added an isolating section next to the Petra depot, and wired a switch to a control panel near The Nook team tracks. This also requires that a switcher be in either the stone conveyor or freight tracks to pull the cars off the train at Petra depot so the loco can ‘escape’.

Above: Switch to control power to Petra depot isolating section.

There is still quite a lot of scenery details to add, including the river and waterfall, and ballasting most of the spurs, but it is looking a lot more complete than what it previously did. And having it inside our living space means I can now ‘play trains’ in a temperature controlled space!


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