Way back in 2001 I had the opportunity to explore the remains of the Koondrook Tramway in northern Victoria, Australia. At the time I was a Pastor at Swan Hill and I would often visit people connected with our church who lived in the Koondrook / Barham area. This meant I often would travel past the various formations and sites of the tramways infrastructure and this allowed me to shoot a number of photos of the tramway. For more information on the tramway you can check the following locations on this site:

Until recently I thought I had lost some photos of the various stations and formations during one of those computer crashes that happen to upset our lives from time to time as I knew I once had some photos but I couldnt find them on my hard drive. But recently I was searching for something else and I came across the photos that I thought were lost. Apparently they were not shot with a digital camera but a film camera! I quickly scanned them, and added them to the Koondrook Tranway photo galley in the Prototype Info section of the Photo Gallery. And here they are…


Hinkson had a passenger / goods platform, and a siding for loading / unloading of stock (cattle, sheep, etc).

Teal Point

I have not seen a map of Teal Point station and so do not know whether there were any sidings or other facilities there. But in 2001 when I was exploring the area all that could be seen was the basic railway right of way minus track / sleepers and the station itself.

This must have been one of the smallest station buildings and platforms in the whole state! Even a lot of the narrow gauge stations would have been longer than it.


Gannawarra seems to have had a siding at some point in its existence, or maybe a siding was proposed and never built.

It becomes quickly apparent from the above photos that each station was quite different from the other in style even though the buildings were the same basic materials.

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