On Sunday, the first operating session for the joined Dolton and Illinook layouts (my two HO scale shelf switching layouts) took place, and by all accounts it was a success.

The session started with an Indiana Harbor Belt transfer from “Blue Island” via Dolton Junction into Dolton Industry Park, then  the switching required to service the industries. Then the IHB transfer headed back to “Blue Island”. Then a Chessie / B&OCT local from “East Chicago” arrived via Illinook trackage at Dolton Industry Park, the cars were switched in and out of the train. The Chessie / B&OCT train then departed Dolton and arrived at Illinook, a car was removed from the train and a few cars added to it. At that point the Chessie / B&OCT train travelled towards East Chicago.

Over all it was a very enjoyable operating session, and there is good potential for multiple operator sessions with the Corowa model train group.


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