The Buffalo International Transfer Warehouse layout, a 3.75×1 feet HO scale micro switching layout I have been working on, now has all the track in place on the layout.

The backscene that hides the sector plate is now in place, the area in front of it being designated as Motive Power Servicing area.

On the Dolton Industry Park switching layout, a lot of work has been done on the extension to the west of the main module over the last few weeks. Scenery has been removed from the half built Canadian layout that had become very good at collecting dust.

The trackwork has also been almost completed, with just a spur, and some tracks into the engine shed area to be laid down. The floor of the engine shed has been cut out so that it can be replaced with a below track level floor arrangement to add scenic interest to that section of the layout.

The Dolton extension will have autumn scenery – there is a good mix of evergreens and autumn trees on the extension now.

As far as the track arrangement is concerned, there is now a junction, and a passing siding, which will act as the holding tracks for the staged trains. There is also a spur that can hold about 4 cars, and space allocated for a few other spurs to add operational interest. Because of the track arrangement the Extension module can be operated by itself, or attached to Dolton.


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