Following the completion of the Petra Aggregates re-development on the Dolton ndustry Park HO scale layout, I decided to tackle another scenic job, which I figured would not take anywhere near as long. That scenic job was the re-development of the Team Track area.

And it hasn’t taken anywhere near as long, so far! In just a few hours, the old scenery was removed, and the new platform shape built.

Above: A section of the Team Track before commencing the re-development
Above: All the old scenery removed in preparation for the re-development.

The removing of the scenery took about as long as the building of the basic platform shape.

Above: The brick finish that will be facing the track (that is, away from the front of the layout).

Having some spare chipboard and some thin balsa sheeting I decided to make the platform out of them. And some brick paper that I purchased ages ago also came in handy. The brick finish that will appear on the track side of the platform, although it wont normally be seen by me or people operating the layout, will show up nicely in any photos that are shot from near the back of the layout. And I guess if the layout is ever exhibited, then the operator might need to operate from behind the layout and it would be noticable if it didnt have a realistic finish along the track side of the platform.

Above: The platform temporarily placed in position on the layout.

So far so good.

I would like to put a freight crane at one end of the platform to make it more realistic. eBay has had them listed at times, and so that is a possibility. Just depends on whether I am patient enough to wait for the cranes to appear in eBay or not!


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