Over the summer holiday period, we did quite a lot of travelling as a family, and I picked up my mum from the mainline station about 50 kilometers away on one of the days as well. And due to the places we were travelling to, we were able to make some small-ish detours and see some old railway formations and facilities.So I have added some pages to the Prototype Info section of the site. So far, there are two new pages:

  • Tallarook – Mansfield: Some photos and information about the railway lines that ran east from Tallarook on the North East mainline in Victoria.
  • Wangaratta – Whitfield: Some photos and information about the narrow guage railway line that ran south from Wangaratta through the King River valley to Whitfield.

Most of the photos I have included were shot recently, and includes some photos of photos on information signs at various locations, and some information from newspapers.To view them click the Prototype Info link in the Navigation menu.Enjoy!

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