Vegetation and ground cover on the HO scale Brazilian Micro layout makes it is better looking and looking more like the region being modelled.

“Mais bonito” in the title of this post is Portuguese and means “better looking”. Since the last post about my HO scale Brazilian–themed micro switchback layout, I have done a lot of work on the scenery. All the track is now ballasted.

Section of ballasted track.

The palm trees mentioned in the previous post have been added to the layout, although there are a few trunks and leaves left over which I might make into another few trees.

Palm trees in place on the layout.

I have added some grass areas to the layout. The bamboo and agave plants I ordered from China in early August have arrived and some of them have been added to the layout, although there is quite a large amount of those left over.

The bamboo added to the front right hand side of the layout added a good scenic break, so that it gives the impression that the industry spur on that side of the layout continues on beyond the confines of the layout.

So the question is do I try and fit the left over bamboo and agave plants on this layout? Maybe. But I am thinking the 2nd micro ‘pizza’ layout I have been thinking about for some time could be where those left over plants will eventually be used. Maybe a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific, where bamboo and agave is farmed and exported? More on that in future.

The vegetation has really made a difference to the overall look of the layout, adding that much needed ‘life’ and vibrancy to the scenery. Now there really isn’t much to do on this layout, except enjoy operating it, of course.


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