Small areas of scenery completed on the periphery of the layout, and some extra details, enhance the over all look and feel of the layout.

At the time of writing this post, I have 6 micro layouts in total: 1 which is only a baseboard and nothing else, 3 which are almost complete but require more work on them (mostly scenery), and 1 which would be considered complete. My OO scale Ruston Light Railway micro layout is one of those that is almost complete but still requires some scenery work. But after some recent changes, it has come closer to being a ‘completed’ layout. On the Ruston Light Railway layout, there were two places that needed scenery improving – 1) behind the two buildings along the edge of the layout near the Ruston Town platform, 2) the area around the small ‘shack’ on the Ruston Junction end of the layout. These two areas were partially finished some time ago, but recently their scenery was completed.

The area behind the two buildings along the edge of the layout near the Ruston Town platform was more or less a blank slate, with only very basic painting done. The white building nearest the Ruston Town platform had a blank flat area behind it, which was developed into an overgrown area.

The building next to it, an old factory building, also had a blank area of nothingness that required scenery treatment.

This section of scenery is normally quite hidden from view, and probably would have been ok to leave as it was. But viewing the layout from ‘the sky’ revealed those areas as scenery challenged. Now that that area is sceniced, I think it looks much better.

The other area that required scenery enhancing was at the opposite of the layout around the small ‘shack’ near the Ruston Junction platform, and is more open, and so the lack of scenery there was far more obvious.

Both of the areas sceniced were treated the same way: diluted PVA glue added, then a layer of sand and dirt, then foliage of various types and colors added on top.

Another area that has been enhanced on the layout was the Ruston Town platform, which I made a small bench seat for, and added some more people. The platforms and freight facilities are now really the only part of the layout that might need any scenery treatment, and the only real treatment those areas need is the types of things one would find on a platform: seats, crates, people, and maybe some signage and general platform clutter and a passenger shelter.


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