Platforms for my HO scale Pier 39 micro switching layout.

My Pier 39 switching layout has been operational for quite a while now, but very little scenery had been added to it. Over the last week or so I have started to do something about that. I have started to add the Team Track platforms (using 5mm foam core), done some ballasting and added some foliage.

There is still more work to do on the platforms. The filler I used to fill the gap between the platforms and the rails and that has been put on the foam core platforms will need to be sanded back to a more smooth surface to look like concrete. And I will probably have to paint those areas a concrete grey to complete the effect.

I am also considering what sort of building, if any, to add to help hide the transfer table while still allowing aces to lock the tracks in position when a train has to go from or to the transfer table. I have considered using a scratchbuilding building I had on my previous large-ish layout and am working towards trying to add that to see how it looks and works.

Another option is that I could model the inside of a building, with forced perspective to give the illusion of depth. I have never tried that before but it could be quite effective if I manage to do it properly.

Because the layout is quite small (1200mm x 300mm, 4×1 feet), and is more or less at eye height, the way I scenic the front elements of the layout will probably be quite important in providing the over all scenic effect I am trying to achieve.


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