OO Scale British outline Ruston Light Railway model railway micro ‘layout in a box’ now fully operational, and scenery progressing along nicely.

After doing a lot of work on the Ruston Light Railway micro layout, I have now finished the wiring and had a few operating sessions on the layout. The simple track plan allows for some reasonable operating interest, and the timetable I have set up for it includes a few passenger trains and a freight train in each direction. I had ordered some extra carriages: a ventilated van, and a 10 ton brake van. After they arrived, they were incorporated into the operating session and I enjoyed the extra operating variety. The operating session was part of a regular operating session where I also operate my other HO scale micro layouts.

As far as scenery progress is concerned, I have done all the painting of the earth colored undercoat, have glued down buildings, built a platform at each end of the layout, added some ‘clutter’ items like crates, etc, and added some other scenery features like small hills and gullies. The next things to do are ballast the track and add grass, trees, and shrubbery.


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