Since June 2013 I have been VERY VERY slowly building a corner module to allow the Blue Island and Illinook modules to be at right angles to each other, making the whole Dolton – Illinook – Blue Island layout L shaped, and about 14 x 6 feet in size. The module is very loosely based on the area of Dolton Junction in Dolton, Illinois, and is designed to allow for future expansion (if that ever becomes possible). The module has an 18 inch radius curve which is the sharpest on any layouts I have built since about 2006. Not that this poses any real problem as the locomotives I use are either small switchers (SW, NW, S4s) or locos that I know can handle 18 inch radius curves. This may limit the size of locos purchased in future but the reality is that a 6 axle switcher looks too big for my layout anyway! Following are a few photos of the construction.






There is still a bit of work to do on the module. The ballasting still needs to be done, and possibly some building flats along the backscene, and some road markings would add some realism. The plan is to add a set of automatic or manually triggered crossing lights, but it may take a while for me to pluck up the courage to try that as I have never tried that sort of thing before. Trains travel quite slowly through the module on account of the tight curve and while there are no crossing lights to protect the road crossing all trains must give a long blast on the horn as they approach the road crossing.


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