The 4×1 feet Blue Island HO scale staging module (which represents the IHB Blue Island and B&OCT Barr yards and all other connections to Illinook and Dolton) has been operational for about a month, and it has certainly enhanced operation. Instead of needing to stage a train at a time on either the Illinook or Dolton modules, up to two trains can be staged on the Blue Island module. Multi train operating sessions are quickly becoming the norm. But the module had not really had any scenery to speak of. It looked like this…

For the last month I have been doing bits and pieces on the MPD area of the module, adding an interior to the shed. This is the interior so far (as it appeared after the work done yesterday [Sunday]).

And here is how it looks with the shed in place.

Yesterday the ballasting of the two yard tracks was completed, and some parts of the module had ground cover added.

A small embankment was also added, and the shed and platform (at the bottom right corner in above photo) was incorporated into it.

So, by the end of the day the result was this (minus the MPD shed for a better overall view of the module) …


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