Following a flurry of scenery building (mostly using scatter and ballast) on my HO scale Illinook industry / switching model railroad module, a number of new photos have been uploaded to the site. The new photos can be viewd by clicking the link below.

Illinook Finished Scenes Mk II

Here are a few examples of the photos added…

Above: An IHB transfer from Blue Island, Illinois, passes through Illinook on its way to Dolton Industry Park.

Above: A C&NW train passes behind the Cool Store on its way to Dolton Industry Park.

Above: A box car waiting to be unloaded at the Team Track platform.

Above: Hot-mix Asphalt Plant

Above: Bitumen tank waiting for Illinook Asphalt.

Above: Some locals discuss what to do with the old abandoned buildings near the end of the industry park.


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